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"Build and Leverage a Community of Ideas Worth Spreading"

We’re building a community where small business owners can come to hone their craft. We start with a system of values: Generosity, Integrity, Team Work, Self-Reliance and Results. Repurpose is the bridge between where you are right now and where you’d like to be.

re:purpose is the name of our business. There is a two fold reason for this. First everything we do is regarding purpose. We start with a system of values: Generosity, Integrity, Team Work, Self-Reliance and results and we allow these values to drive our purpose which is the second part of our brand. It is our belief that profits follow purpose.


Small Business Owners have some of the most Brilliant ideas. Usually, we’re afraid to share because we don’t want someone else to profit off of our hard work and knowledge. We’ll show you how to package that idea up, share it with the world and increase your revenue!

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By pooling our know how and by working together more can be achieved. This means that we need to reach out to each other. We need to ask for help and at the same time we need to share what we can. In this way, as Kennedy put it, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

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What is your purpose for being in business? Do you approach each day with your purpose in mind? Are you passionate about your purpose? How might focusing on your purpose influence others or persuade your customers to buy your product or service.

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