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When you Join the Movement you’ll become part of the re:purpose team!

I’ll be delivering your welcome package and direct you to our calendar of events online.

You’ll immediately be invited to come to any workshop on our calendar. We’ll have 30-40 training workshops throughout the year along with some fun, interactive, and educational events.

Examples would be…

  • wine tastings
  • sushi rolling
  • chef training
  • mixers
  • power breakfasts etc.

The trainings will be provided by other small business owners like you.


Trainings topics will vary and be delivered based on the needs of our members but could include:

  • HR employee management
  • Accounting and quickbooks
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Webdesign
  • graphic design
  • logo and branding
  • purpose driven results
  • Youtube videos
  • Creating killer content
  • Self reliance
  • Mastermind groups
  • relationship marketing
  • and how to tell your story

The platform is being built with your needs in mind.

Who’s going to do the training you ask? Well in a sense…you are.

Small Business owners are fundamental to our community. Trouble is they often go out of business because of a lack of knowledge (they don’t know what they don’t know) or lack of resources, Time, money, training, poor or no staff, time management, lack or direction, lack of follow through.

You name it right?

So the solution is to find someone that is an expert at what you don’t know and ask them to help you. Too expensive right, or too time consuming, interviewing countless consultants or doing online research.

We’re taking the sting out of both the expense and the time it takes to find the right expert. By charging a nominal annual fee and by putting you in touch with the resources you need.  In some cases one class with have been worth the fee you paid to join.

Experts don’t have to be an expert at everything. Maybe your skill is systems, maybe it’s HR and staffing, maybe your budget and accounting is dialed in. Perhaps you have the persuasive power to motivate a team.


Well, we’d like you to be one of our experts.

You see, Collaboration is the key.

We’ll connect you with the resources and the people you need to help you grow that part of your business that is frustrating you currently. You’ll have the opportunity to pay it forward by teaching another business owner how to improve one of their processes. And at the end of the day, you might find a new, friend, business partner, customer or hidden gem.

Re:purpose is also  the umbrella for 3 other dynamic programs.

1.    The Self Reliance Initiative:  A 4 week course for folks who have had a rough go. No judgment here, just an opportunity to boot-strap yourself up. Classes are approximately an hour and points are awarded for attending and completing each course. Points can be redeemed for real world items like, diapers, groceries, dental care etc. Free to Attend!

2.    Young Entrepreneurs Group:  The YEG is a great opportunity for School aged Children 11-17 to learn about starting a business. We provide them with resources, and examples and demonstrate what it takes to successfully launch and run their own business.  Passing the torch to a younger generation is a huge win for us! Free to attend!

3.    Passport Boise:  This is a summer long passport that will be available to school-aged children ages 8-17. each child will purchase a passport. With that passport their adult can choose on the calendar, activities to take them too.  Activities will be primarily Art focused as this is something they are losing in the school. Examples would be an art or pottery class, a music lesson, a visit to botanical gardens with a scavenger hunt, a tour of a museum or gallery, or a photography class. There will be 25-30 different activities to participate in over the summer. At each activity their Passport will get a stamp. At the end of the summer they can turn show their full passport for a discount on next year’s passport.

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What we are not!

“We are not a networking group, we are not a leads group. We are not your grandma’s pinochle club.”

Our workshops will be fun, informative and interactive.