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At Re:purpose  we have this quote as a mind set; originally stated by John F Kennedy, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

  • Imagine a 1000 member wide mastermind group, where access to critical knowledge or training is on demand and at your fingertips.
  • Imagine if you as a small business owner could access the resources and experience of 1000 other business owners who have been where you are who are willing to share their experience and knowledge with the promise that you’ll do the same.
  • Imagine not needing to be the expert at every facet of your business because you have access to a knowledge base that fills the gaps in your expertise.

Traditionally business owners have secured funding and purchased the necessary physical components to do business, set up their office or location, hired staff and began operations.

It doesn’t take long to get busy and into the daily grind of fulfilling orders, helping clients and managing a growing operation. Experience comes quick and necessary adjustments are made.

Then it starts to sink in.
The questions come.

And finally the realization that, “we need help”.

  • Maybe it’s accounting or HR help.
  • Maybe it’s systems and processes.
  • Maybe it’s marketing and advertising.
  • How is competitor XYZ getting so many clients?
  • How come it seems like I’m always out of time?

This is where re:purpose comes in.

We can find the resources you need and make them available to you. We know the expert you need to know that can teach you how to handle the challenges you’re facing.  We can help your employees learn the skills that will immediately impact your bottom line. And we can do it in way that won’t kill your budget.

As the membership grows the opportunity for the greater good to be served also grows. For example:

If you have an apple and I have an apple and we trade, we each only have one apple. However, if you have an Idea and I have an Idea and we share, now we each have two ideas. After one of our workshops you may have 20 or 30 ideas, with expert advice on how to deploy your new found knowledge.

When we begin to understand that sharing our ideas, our information and helping each other creates opportunity for us all. We then begin to grow in ways that we had not thought possible.  Competition stifles Creativity. When we stop comparing and start creating our contribution becomes purposeful when we share our creation then our purpose drives our profits.