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About Us



Small Business owners learn valuable lessons throughout the process of growing their business. These “Silo’s” of knowledge have value beyond their current status. If you have an Idea and I have an Idea and we share our ideas now we both have 2 ideas.

Our goal is to champion the spread of great ideas and to be the bridge for shared expertise.


Our Local communities are the solution to what ails us as a nation. We have the knowledge and the resources to pull ourselves out of the current economic  drudgery we’ve been facing.  Small Business owners are the heart and soul of our local community.  We’re betting on the fact that by banding together and pooling knowledge and resources that the rising tide will lift all ships.


re:purpose is the name of our business. There is a two fold reason for this. First everything we do is regarding purpose. We start with a system of values: Generosity, Integrity, Team Work, Self-Reliance and results and we allow these values to drive our purpose which is the second part of our brand.


It is our belief that profits follow purpose.